Container Gardening

Grassroots landscaping creates completely customized potted plants and container garden arrangements for our customers.

Container Gardening: Cement Pedestal.

Creating great container gardens is something we love doing for our customers.  We work directly with the customer to get just the right plant for just the right spot with just the right pot. If you don't know the plants you want we will use our plant expertise to get you a great looking pot and plant that will thrive in the spot you want.

Maybe it's a container herb garden or a container vegetable garden.  If the idea of being able to walk out your back door and get fresh herbs or vegetables from your patio than a container herb and vegetable garden this is just what you need. Container herb gardens are easy to maintain with just minimal watering.  Click on the button for a free estimate and we can get you going on a container herb or vegetable garden. 

What we specialize in: 

  • Large Outdoor Planters
  • Small Outdoor Planters
  • Herb Container Gardens
  • Vegetable Container Gardens
  • Large Potted Plants
  • Small Potted Plants
  • Shade Pots
  • Full Sun Pots
  • Drought Tolerant Container Gardens

Potted Plant