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From Aeration to Water Gardens We Can Handle All of Your Landscape Projects!

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Many lawns have compacted soil, which restricts water and air movement through the soil. Annual core aeration removes plugs to break through compacted soil to prevent thatch layers from growing and choking out the lawn. Aeration is one of the best "extras" you can do to maintain high quality, healthy turf.

We can work with you to design and install the right outdoor patio and/or walkway to match your landscape, home style and desired effect.

Grassroots landscaping creates completely customized potted plants and container garden arrangements for our customers.

Good drainage is essential for successful gardening and lawn care. The most effective method of draining a small garden is to divide it into naturally self-draining areas. Sloping plots, flat grounds; either way you imporve the appearance of the garden, as well as its drainage.

Small accents can add up to big results when it comes to landscaping your yard. A simple garden border, cobblestones lining your driveway, or the perfectly placed boulder is all it takes to set the stage for a distinguished and intriguing garden!

We treat your lawns, trees, and shruds with a full line of chemicals.  For those looking for something a little more enviormentally friendly we have a full line of organic chemicals.

At Grassroots Landscape we take pride in our work.  Our yard maintenance covers lawn mowing, edging, trimming and once we are done blowing and cleanup. 

Using lighting to accent the outside of your house and your walkways is a great way to make a dramatic statement.

Adding mulch or straw to your flower beds and tree bases helps retain moisture for during those hot summer days.  It also sets a perfect backdrop to the colors of the flowers making it look really great.

BBQ in the great outdoors.  Bring your kitchen outside and enjoy cooking while still being a part of the fun.  We can assemble full stone kitchens for your patio.

Cut back your trees and shrubs to keep them from over running your lancscape.  Most trees and shrubs need to be pruned on an annual basis to keep growth consistant and healthy.

We can give your current lawn and gardens a complete overhaul to give it that custom look and feel you want.  Starting over is not allways a bad thing.

There's no doubt about it. Weathered retaining wall systems are gaining popularity.

A great yard starts with great grass and great grass starts with the proper installation.  Getting your seed or sod started correctly will pay off for years down the road.

Stone mulch is a great alternative to pine straw or wood mulch. Uses stone keeps you from having to change mulch or straw every year. Makes a great pathway or walkway.

We work with you and your landscape to design and install water features such as ponds, waterfalls and fountains to create a garden oasis.

A water garden can provide a restful and relaxing environment. Whether your garden is large or small, formal or informal, incorportating a pond, waterfall or fountain into its design makes a most attractive focal point.

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