Lawn Mowing, Maintenance and Care

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At Grassroots Landscape we take pride in our work.  Our yard maintenance covers lawn mowing, edging, trimming and once we are done blowing and cleanup. 

Keeping your grass looking good is something we take very seriously. We want to make sure that when we leave your grass looks great.  Cutting grass isn't just about running a mower over the top, it's about making sure the blades are well balanced and sharp, it's about making sure the ground is solid and not muddy so we don't leave tire tracks.  

Keeping a sharp lawnmower blade helps keep your grass looking great.  A sharp blade slices through the grass blades instead of pushing the grass over and ripping the tips of the grass blades off.

Depending on your type of grass on average, here in North Carolina, it should be mowed once a week during growing season. Keeping the grass mowed to the proper height (short for warm season grasses, longer for cool season) is essential to proper lawn heath.