Sod or Seed Installation

A great yard starts with great grass and great grass starts with the proper installation.  Getting your seed or sod started correctly will pay off for years down the road.

Grassroots landscaping will work with your budget to get your yard to where you want it to be.  If money is a concern we can seed your yard and you can watch it grow to a thick lush lawn.  If time is more of a concern transform your yard with sod.  Laying sod gives an instant update to any old or worn out lawn.  

At Grassroots we can completely remove your old grass using a sod cutter.  Once we are down to bare ground we lay the foundation for your new tuf.  Proper sod foundation is key to a healthy and sustainable lawn.  Once the foundation is complete we lay the sod.  When we are done all it will take is watering by you and your lawn will look fantastic for years to come. 

We do:

  • Bermuda sod installation
  • Fescue sod installation
  • Empire Zoysia sod installation
  • Centipede sod installation
  • St. Augustine sod installation

New sod like Bermuda grass might also take some of the work out of your lawn care making maintaining your new turf more enjoyable.  For hot weather like we experience in the summers here in North Carolina Bermuda grass stands up very well to not only the heat but also the lack of water during the dryer months.  Bermuda grass holds up better under extreme heat than say fescue grass. 

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